Thermacare Neck to Arm

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Thermacare Neck to ArmThermaCare® is clinically proven to provide therapeutic muscle penetrating heat.Up to 16* hours pain reliefPain relief of the wr

Thermacare Neck to Arm ThermaCare® is clinically proven to provide therapeutic muscle penetrating heat. Up to 16* hours pain relief Pain relief of the wrist has not been evaluated over 16 hours. How ThermaCare Works The constant heat provided by ThermaCare® increases blood flow to tissues, giving analgesic effects which last even after the wrap has been removed. As muscles relax, more oxygen is provided to the damaged tissues, helping to restore aching muscles. ThermaCare® improves flexibility to help you move more freely. What Is ThermaCare Used For: ThermaCare® provides powerful, drug free pain relief associated with: Muscle tension, overexertion, sprains and strains and arthritis ThermaCare® for powerful, drug free & targeted, long lasting relief of muscular & joint pain. *ThermaCare® provides long lasting pain relief for up to 16 hour. That's up to 8 hours while you wear it, plus up to an additional 8 hours of relief after you take it off. Features • Patented heat cells for deep penetrating heat • Up to 16 hours pain relief • Clinically proven • Therapeutic muscle penetrating heat • Long lasting pain relief • One size fits all